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    With all the change in my life lately, Norwegian Wood has taken on more meaning.  I’ve always been a big fan of the use of the sitar here.  It is the Beatles as they were really beginning to peak as creative geniuses, moving on from just being pop stars.

  • Final Hoboken Coffee

    i came into this bakery at least twice a week since I moved to Hoboken. The staff had just started to know me by my drink. It’s a good feeling to be a regular somewhere. You feel like you belong. I’m sure I’ll find a new coffee spot in Nolita, I walked by at least […]

  • WordPress in a next generation PHP world

    HHVM has now released it’s second long term support release and PHP 7 is in the final stages of implementing changes. It’s an exciting time for PHP and to be a PHP developer which means it is also an exciting time to be a WordPress developer since it creates an opportunity for WordPress to once […]

  • The Rise Of Community Lead Media – And Demise Of Social Networks

    Social media is broken for most of us. The myth of it being a democratic or meritocratic system isn’t holding up to scrutiny. We’re learning that it’s not the place to start thoughtful discussions, vet new ideas, or find complex solutions to niche problems. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wondrous place for serendipitous snark between […]