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  • Art I’ve made so far this year

    Art I’ve made so far this year

    I think the art that I am most proud of is Variations on A Theme – Island Verde, the four-part series I shared earlier this month, but there is other work I did as well that I’m happy with. Like most of my art, this is a mixed bag of digital and analog and something…

  • Variations on a theme – Isla Verde

    Variations on a theme – Isla Verde

    Four different representations of the same place with different levels of machines and human decision-making and interactions. 18:30, almost sunset, looking east on the Isla Verde beach. 21 January 2024. Boomer.Before.Arts is a fitting three words for where I sat. Which one do you prefer?

  • Layers of Memories

    Layers of Memories

    Cemeteries are the final place where generations will often overlap. The place where time overlaps grow the longer we look at them. Like museums where at first 10 years tell 100 stories, but given the timeline, 100 years tell 3 or 4. This started as a photo, but human decisions about which and where algorithms…

  • The Bowery

    The Bowery

    started as an infrared photo, didn’t stay there. multiple passes with multiple tools. Fall 2022