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  • Bash punchcard

    When are you using the command line? I use a python script and a change to my HISTTIMEFORMAT to keep track of when I am active on the command line.  Since I use vim, this means that every time I launch my text editor along with every time I run a command is recorded. This […]

  • Introducing Punchcard.py

    If you haven’t noticed, I like punchcard graphs.  I like them so much, I have a script that to generate them.  I’ve now released this script for everyone to use. Punchcard.py is simple to use and I hope you find it useful.  It accepts a stream of unix timestamps and creates a punchcard graph. It […]

  • @designsimply at the White House

  • Tweet Punchcards

    I might have a small obsession with punchcard graphs lately. I built them for my bash history and posts on this site.. I recently downloaded my twitter archive, so I decided to build some punch card graphs with that. All Tweets I figured that this would be a good way to see if there was […]

  • Beards are good for you

    This is medical research I can support. But think twice before you tell your man to reach for a razor, because beards and moustaches might be beneficial for men’s health. This is still, it has to be said, an emerging field of thinking — but here, with tongue half in bearded cheek, we reveal the […]

  • Chups

    My friend Kori has been working on a series of fruit ketchups called Chups. Last month I ordered three of them to check them out and was really impressed with the packaging that they came in. It all seemed well thought out. Simple outer packaging, but the sticker let’s me know what is inside

  • Twenty Thirteen: My first thoughts

    Last night, Mark Jaquith introduced Twenty Thirteen to the WordPress Community. I really like the design direction Twenty Thirteen is going. Similar to how I’ve made colors more vibrant on my site and used them to differentiate Post Formats, Twenty Thirteen takes a similar approach. Check out the demo site to see it for yourself. […]

  • Warm Winter Photography on the National Mall

    Spent some time this afternoon on the National Mall this afternoon taking some pictures. It was absolutely a winter day, but the sun made it seem warmer then it probably was. When you got into the shade you were reminded of what the temperature was outside.

  • Punch Card of posts on this site

    After building punch card of my bash history earlier today, I thought it would be interesting to build one of my posting history on this blog.   I had no idea I posted on Monday so much.  The times are all Pacific (since that is where I started my site), so I have a feeling […]

  • Updated Bash History Punchcard

    A few months ago, I discovered Bash History Punch card graphs.  It’s an interesting way to visualize when you do the most work. Here are two updated cards for me showing my personal laptop and my work laptop.