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  • What I Learned from DAPL Protestors as a Woman of Color

    It is in the interest of white supremacy to divide the issues which affect communities of color because it disperses our attention from the root cause of racism and more specifically, environmental racism. Lara Witt wrote an excellent essay called What I Learned from DAPL Protestors as a Woman of Color that explores environmental racism and […]

  • My first watercolor

    My first watercolor

    As I continue re-learning to love making art, I decided to try playing with some watercolors.  I’ve been able to see Emily Garfield paint and she had a watercolor brush pen which looked cool. So I decided to grab one and some paint and give it a try. My first attempt at watercolor painting was based on […]

  • Random Thoughts on Selecting Speakers for conferences

    Random Thoughts on Selecting Speakers for conferences

    I just finished attending my final conference for 2016 where I once again helped with the speaker schedule without having an input on selecting speakers.  Having been on both sides of the speaker selection coin, here are some random thoughts I have on it (including some half-baked ideas). Prompt notification of speakers is incredibly important.  It […]

  • A Eulogy for my Grandmother

    A few weeks ago, after 89 hard fought years, my grandmother passed away.  Here is the eulogy I presented at her funeral for her:

  • “No one expects the lady code troll.”

    Pulitzer prize winning father and lizard Jenn Schiffer gave an excellent talk on satire, feminism, trolling, and being human at XOXO that I highly recommend watching

  • Non-secure by default – Initial thoughts

    As of today's Canary, flip the #mark-non-secure-as flag to preview Chrome 56's treatment of passwords on HTTP websites. @estark37 @emschec pic.twitter.com/NqpjJgU5Jd — Adrienne Porter Felt (@__apf__) October 19, 2016 After seeing this tweet, I decided to flip my chrome://flags flag for Mark non-secure origins as non-secure in canary. I did some quick testing and found out […]

  • Things I Could Build if Every WordPress Site Had a REST API For Content

    A pastel drawing of the WP logo with pieces from the WP REST API project logo There is a proposal out to add content endpoints to WordPress Core. This got me thinking about things I could build if I could count on every WordPress site in the world having the same content endpoints.  Here is […]

  • Pictures from the Classic Car Club of Manhattan

    After WordCamp NYC, a few of my friends hung out for the day.  We ate at my local brunch spot and then to the Classic Car Club of Manhattan to see some interesting cars. Nissan Z Porsche, There Is No Substitute The classic car club is located in the old NYPD mounted unit headquarters NYPD Mounted […]

  • Goalball

    Goalball sounds like the type of game you and your friends would have made up in your basement on a rainy day when you are eight. Essentially the way it works is that teams of 3 attempt to throw/roll a ball across a line into a large goal and the defending team tries to stop […]

  • Sportscenter in the morning

    I turned on the TV when I woke up. It immediately went to ESPN, which my roommate had been watching the night before. Baseball highlights from the night before were on the screen for a moment before the anchor cut in to say that all though everyone was here for sports, “We can’t ignore what […]