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  • Some More Random Thoughts on Default Themes

    https://aaron.jorb.in/2015/08/27/some-random-thoughts-on-default-themes/ Last year, on default theme announcement day, I shared some thoughts on default themes. As a CertifiedWordPressThoughtLeaderā„¢, It’s time to update those thoughts: TwentySeventeen looks amazing. Ā Really excited to see something completely new. Ā I think it will eventually look better with a bowtie on it. I still wish there was an open call for […]

  • IndieWebCamp NYC scheduleĀ 

    Accurate as of 1:30pm.  1:30 Noob questions Server less/ AWS lambda 2:15 Where WordPress is today Content  3:00 RSVPs No Server Database Apps 3:45 Indie Endorsements 4:15 What/How can WordPress Core support the IndieWeb

  • IndieWebCamp NYC group photo

  • I’m attending IndieWebCamp NYC

    Last night,Ā David ShanskeĀ told me about IndiewebCamp NYCĀ coming up on August 27/28. Yes, I’ll be there! I’m excited to learn more about the IndieWeb movement. Aaron PareckiĀ mentioned it to me a few years ago at OS Bridge. One thing I’m hoping to learn is to see what, if anything, WordPress core can do to help the […]

  • WordCamp Personas

    Last year, the WordCamp US organizing team asked me to assist them with putting all the selected talks into the grid. It was a lot of fun and a challenge, but I was able to do it becauseĀ I had a set of personas ready. Personas are regularly used in web design to make sure that […]

  • A Free WordPress Development course – Part 1

    Want to Learn WordPress? Ā There is no need to pay for a course that you may not ever finish it. You can level up your WordPress development skills for free. How? By watching some of the really great developers and designers of WordPress and by reading great examples of WordPress code. This isn’t a great […]

  • I support NY Senate Bill 161

    Today I wrote my state senatorĀ in support of NY Senate Bill 161Ā which aims to provide tax benefits for the development of Open Source Software. Ā Here is a copy of the letter I wrote. Ā Do you live in New York? Ā I encourage you to contact your elected officials and let them know you support Senate Bill […]

  • Using Create React App to make Melania Ipsum

    Facebook released a script to create react apps with no configurationĀ and I decided to give it a try. Ā Inspired byĀ Melania Trump’s speech, I decided to build a generator for future speeches she may deliver to test drive it. Getting Started Getting started was straightforward. npm install -g create-react-appĀ installed the script and create-react-app melania-ipsumĀ ran it. In […]

  • Hillary Clinton DNC Drinking Game

    Thursday Night, Hillary Clinton will take the stage to accept the 2016 Democratic Party nomination to be President of the United States and give a speech that is shorter than Donald’s racist diatribe last week. Here is the drinking game I’ll be playing. Ā Make suggestions for additional rules in the comments. 1 Drink each time […]

  • Random Thoughts on… Teaching yourself to code

    Self-education is something that separates good developers from great developers. Ā Great devs are always searching for new ways to do things, always trying to learn. You need to rely on YOU for your education. Ā However, teaching yourself isn’t always something that comes natural. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about learning that might […]