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  • What You Don’t See on my WordPress Profile Activity Tab

    A lot goes on in WordPress Core development that doesn’t make it into the WordPress Profile Activity log. Here is a handful of the things I’ve worked on over the last month to give you an idea of what I have worked on. Many other contributors work on things that also don’t make it into […]

  • Random Thoughts on Finding Jobs

    This is a companion to The Jorbin Test.  It’s also in some ways a continuation to some other notes on job hunting for WordPress develoeprs I’ve written before, but this is much more generalized. Don’t wait till you hate your job and feel like it is affecting to mental health to start looking for a […]

  • Random Thoughts on Pressnomics

    Random Thoughts on Pressnomics

    I spent the last few days in Tempe, Arizona at Pressnomics. This was an interesting event for me, as I don’t think I fit the mold of the attendees.  While I work on WordPress, and Happytables is built using WordPress, I’m not involved in the business of WordPress per say. None the less, I had […]

  • Job Hunting Tips for WordPress Engineers

    I decided to setup a Ask Me Anything repo on github, where people can ask me anything they want (go ahead, ask). The second question asked was about WordPress Jobs.  While the response was aimed at the asker, much of the advice is general. Let’s step back for a second, what does it mean to […]

  • London January 2016 Photos

    Finally got around to processing some photos I took while walking around London. Was mostly busy working, but spent the part of two afternoons exploring including a boat ride out to Greenwich to see the prime meridian.

  • Decisions, not options (suggested readings and watching)

    Something incredibly common in every discussion about changing a default behavior in WordPress is someone suggesting “Just make it an option”.  WordPress has a core philosophy  “Decisions, not Options“.  This philosophy is one that is important for all software and is explained and enumerated over and over.  Here are some of the places that exemplify […]

  • Pastels

    While at the art store yesterday looking for a few more colors of pen, I picked up some pastels that were on sale. I never did pastel drawing before, but I think I like it so far. I have done two different drawing of bow ties. One with the oil pastels and the other with […]

  • The best UX will often be no UI at all

    The best UX will often be no UI at all: if the customer gets your product and their problem goes away instantly with no further steps, that’s amazing. Source: The dangerous “UI team”  

  • Random Thoughts on the WP REST API and WordPress Core

    I like sharing my random thoughts on subjects related to WordPress.  Right now, there is a lot of discussion about how to merge the WordPress REST API into WordPress core.  Here (in particular order) are my thoughts on the subject: Merging the rest infrastructure if 4.4 was a great decision. Adding the ability to create […]

  • Leaders Say Thank You

    Leadership is the art and science of making people better.  Leadership is about motivating other to succeed at being the best person they can be, at doing the best job they can do.  Leadership has many parts, one of those is rewarding success. The easiest and what should be most common way to reward success […]