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  • Feast of San Gennaro 2015 (night 2)

    Outside my door is the Feast of San Gennaro.  Made it home in time tonight to catch some sunlight, so I headed out with my camera.  Can’t wait to eat some of these cannoli. So. Much. Cannoli.

  • WordCamp San Francisco 2014

    Beter late than never, right? Andrew Nacin presenting at WCSF 2014

  • First day of the Feast

    I walk down my street during the feast, thinking about eating zeppole at a different feast. Sweet, messy, absolutely worth it.  It’s kind of how I used to be. Socks with dog faces. I can’t even look to buy a pair. A specific pair.  A pair.  It’s kind of how it used to be.  

  • Moving Lottery

    My brother is moving, and this was all that was left in his freezer. It isn’t going to drink itself.    

  • Not a Vacation

    As I prepare to head to Chicago for some needed family time and to do some volunteer work preparing for a model UN conference, I am struck by my love of NY. It truly is the greatest city in the world. But it also beats me up inside. Over the past few months I often […]

  • One Mile down Broadway 

    Stepping out of my office, it’s about a mile journey down Broadway to get home, but it is like I walk through a few different worlds. The construction that permeates lower Manhattan quickly gives way to City Hall and gargantuan government towers. There is always a homeland security police car outside the Javits building. The […]

  • New Shoes

    I bought a new pair of shoes the day before the world changed and every time I put them on I think of how things used to be. 

  • National Bow Tie Day

    Appetently it is National Bow Tie day. To me, everyday is National Bow Tie Day. Here is today’s bow tie.    

  • Some Random Thoughts on Default Themes

    Twenty Sixteen was officially announced. This has lead to some renewed discussion of default themes. Here are some of my random thoughts on default themes in general and Twenty Sixteen. WordPress is going to ship with multiple themes, so it’s important for different themes to hit different notes.  If Twenty Sixteen sets out with the same […]

  • The e-reader I own (and you should to)

    A friend asked for e-reader recommendations and this was my response: Paperwhite all the way. I charge it every few weeks, it works outside or in the dark. Whereas my iPad gave off so much light it would wake my former partner, the Paperwhite can be adjusted low enough that it wasn’t an issue. It […]