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  • Three things I read this week

    Here are a couple of things I read this week that I would recommend. Finding time to read interesting things isn’t always easy, but thankfully I found the time to read these three articles this week. I Dropped Acid and Saw Into the Future: My Surreal First Time At CES CES is strange enough not […]

  • Design.blog 2016-december-cover 

    My friend Michael did a really cool “cover” for the design.blog magazine. I really like the CSS animations.  Head on over and check it out.

  • Four rules of thumb for committing code

    The commit message should explain Why, not what Atomic commit. As small as possible Don’t commit commented out code. Just remove it. Before it goes into master/trunk, always have at least two sets of eyes on it. You only have one set even if you have glasses.