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  • Potential Tech Conference Talks

    Potential Tech Conference Talks

    I am constantly thinking of new potential talks that I would want to either give or convince others to give. Some of these have been on my list for almost a decade, while others are relatively recent ideas. Roles on a web team There is a big difference between roles, jobs, and titles. I cosider […]

  • Random Thoughts on… Keynotes and WordCamps

    Random Thoughts on… Keynotes and WordCamps

    Dave Bisset shared some of his thoughts in response to my random thoughts on travel and WordCamps post. One paragraph stood out to me: Some organizers associate keynotes with “headline speakers”. I personally don’t like keynotes as a speaker organizer and in 12+ years with WordCamp Miami I only did two official planned ones. I’ve […]

  • A Sabbatical from Speaking in 2018

    A Sabbatical from Speaking in 2018

    Normally, when a year comes to a close I start to brainstorm about talks and presentations I want to give in the coming year.  I copy over a doc in Simple Note and start pruning off talks I've already given or ideas that no longer excite me and add in new ideas where I feel […]

  • Fall Conferences – PHP Madison and WordCamp NYC

    Today I get to announce two conferences that I’m speaking at this fall. The first is here in NYC and is the 2015 WordCamp NYC.  I’ll be giving a talk entitled: Lessons from Science Fiction and Fantasy we can use in Creating Websites.  Here is a short synopsis. Science Fiction and Fantasy can teach web […]

  • The Benefits of a Good Conference Introduction

    Many technical conferences have no speaker introductions or very poor introductions.  “Next up is, um *look at phone* Aaron who will be talking about, um *look at screen* The Next Big Thing”.  While this does serve the benefit of helping people make sure they are in the room they intend to be in, it doesn’t […]

  • Portland WordPress User Group Presentation Upcoming

    I’m going to be speaking at the March Portland WordPress User Group Meeting on March 18th at 6:00pm at Webtrends and demonstrating some of the features that are coming up in 3.0. I’m aiming for this to be beneficial for both users and developers. Right now, I plan on covering: What the Multisite features mean to […]