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  • First Thoughts: Twenty Twenty Three Theme

    In celebration of WordPress 6.1 Beta 1, I updated the sites theme here to use the still very much in development Twenty Twenty Three. I’m still experimenting with Full Site Editing but I think this process has gotten better in the last year. I do wish I had an All Terms block – A block […]

  • The Twenty Fifteen Theme

    Since the decision was made to update the WordPress default theme every year, I’ve contributed to all five new WordPress default themes. My contributions have varied from inline documentation, to accessibility testing, to refactoring PHP to cleaning up some JavaScript (and many things in between). Since Twenty Fourteen had it’s spectacular debut, the talk has […]

  • The Difference a Cache Makes

    I decided to run a quick test to see just how much caching matters in a WordPress. I ran this test against a stock WordPress 3.8 install running Twenty Fourteen using Siege. I used the base nginx config from Varying Vagrant Vagrants. The site was loaded with the Theme Test Data so it had more […]

  • A Crazy Idea…

    I just submitted a proposal to a WordCamp for a talk I’m calling “Aaron Struck by Lightning”. It is an experiment in challenging myself and in giving real time choice to the audience as to what they learn next. Here is the basic summary I submitted: 6 talks, all five minutes long. The first one […]

  • Aaron’s Rules for Better Meetings

    Meetings are Toxic. One of the most shared links among tech teams. In general, developers realize that meetings are not the place to get work done. In order to make meeting suck less, I’ve come up with a few simple rules. I generally define a meeting as something on my schedule for me and at […]

  • Empire State of Mind

    My life was incredibly different in July of 2010 when I moved to Washington DC. At that time, I had been a freelance web developer for a few years and had just begun contributing to WordPress (and open source in general). Three and half years later and I’ve contributed close to sixty patches to WordPress, […]

  • WordPress 3.6.1 Haiku

    Tightening the bolts A strong sea-worthy release Update Oscar now Related: Release Announcement

  • Thank You WordPress

    I didn’t set out to blog about WordPress turning 10, but I’m sitting at the airport on my way to jsConf waiting for Koop a friend I met because I got involved in WordPress, just having sent a tweet to Jen Mylo, a friend I met because I got involved in WordPress after spending the […]

  • Speaking at AccessU on Open Source and Accessibility

    Next month I’ll be speaking at AccessU on Open Source Tools for Building Accessible Websites. I’m excited to share my love of two things: Open Source Software and Accessibility. Accessibility to me is a core subject area that all front end developers and designers need to be thinking about. Open Source Software powers the internet. […]

  • Bowtie and Blackhawks