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  • WordPress Core Committer Stats: 2017

    2017 is coming to a close, and unless someone commits something very soon, WordPress Core developmentĀ is at rest (since we have an API to do that now). This is the third year I've compiled these stats, see the 2016 committer statsĀ for some of the backgroundĀ information. I'm going to share the stats and then share my […]

  • 2016 WordPress Committer stats

    I’m sharing these stats with the duel caveat that commits aren’t a great measure of impact and that commitsĀ only represent one type of core contribution. When I talk about employers it’s with the caveat that some people change jobs. Also not everyone works on donated time. Now that I have looked at these numbers for […]

  • Response Time Limits: Article by Jakob Nielsen

    Therefore, the response time guidelines for web-based applications are the same as for all other applications. These guidelines have been the same for 46 years now, so they are also not likely to change with whatever implementation technology comes next. 0.1 second: Limit for users feeling that they are directly manipulating objects in the UI. […]

  • WordPress contributor continuity and other stats

    I postedĀ a graph of new WordPress contributors per releaseĀ and Brian Krogsgard had some questions that I decided to look into. Ā Mostly he wanted to know how well WordPress did at maintaining contributors. So I made some more graphs. In general, past contributions as a predictor of future contributions are pretty consistent across releases. If you […]

  • Freelance Availability

    I’m taking on a few small freelance projects in the near future. I’m specifically looking to work on: Education (I’ll come teach your team) performance (Is your site slow? Ā I’ll help) accessibility (How usable is your site for all users?) scaling(Site crashing? I’ll help stop that) workflow automation (RepetitiveĀ tasks are annoying. Ā I’ll help you make […]

  • Donald Trump RNC drinking game

    1 Drink every time Trump mentions/does: Radical Islamic Terrorism Crooked Hillary Lyin Ted Make America _____ Again Blames Obama HUGE “The Best” Winning 2 Drinks every time Trump mentions/does: Obama being a Muslim Obama not beingĀ a real American Finish your Drink if Trump: Rejects the nomination Says something respectful of Muslims Calls his daughter attractive […]

  • New WordPress Contributors Per Release (graphed)

    4.4 was an outlier, 4.5 returned to regular levels. Ā What will 4.6 show? Ā There are still a few weeks to contribute.

  • We ā™„ icons. Until they start messing with our minds.

    Visually, single graphic symbols seem simpler and more appealing than busy words. But the closer you get, the more the sirens become monsters. As you try to read and understand them, they turn into the strange signs of a language you do not speak, then grab the interaction and bite its head off. Naked icons […]

  • grunt-patch-wordpress v0.4.0

    Today I released an update to grunt-patch-wordpress which adds 2 cool features. GitHub URL support. You can now use grunt patch:https://github.com/aaronjorbin/develop.wordpress/pull/3 with any copy of WordPress on GitHub. No longer will you need to download the patch manually. Works for both core and develop mirrors on GitHub. This feature was suggested by Helen ä¾Æ-SandĆ­ Upload […]

  • WordPress Automated Testing Next Gen

    Thinking more about next steps for my half-baked idea for automated WordPress testing. So far, I’ve had multiple hosts reach out with nothing but positive feedback. The next step in my eyes is to come up with some next steps, proposing this as a featured project, and then building the pieces and recruiting hosts. Ā In […]