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Take off and Landing - Aaron Jorbin

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Take off and Landing

The first time I flew was when I was five years old and I went to Florida with my mom and brother to visit my great-grandparents. I ended up with an ear infection on that trip and decided that I was never going to fly again.  Fast forward 26 years and I’ve taken double digit flights each of the last 5 years.  I haven’t had any ear infections from these flights.

Taking off and landing is now my favorite part of the flight.  There is something magical about a 200,000+ pound machine going from grounded to flying and back again.  I took a video of both the take off and the landing on today’s flight west.

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#hyperlapse taking off from JFK

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#hyperlapse landing at SFO

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It was my first time using Hyperlapse and the UI was super simple. If you want to make time lapses on your phone, I recommend checking it out.

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