twenty eight

Inspired by Matt Mullenweg, I’ve decided that I should blog my birthday.

Twenty Seven was a very good year.  It was a year with a lot of activity.  I moved cross-country from Portland to Washington, DC.  I got a job at clearspring working on AddThis. My coworkers are a group of brilliant and talented mother fuckers. In many ways, Twenty Seven was the best and most satisfying year of my life.

Twenty Seven was the year that I spoke at my first WordCamp.  I also spoke at my second, third, and fourth WordCamps and three different user groups. A goal of mine has always been to educate others,

In addition to the professional growth, I’ve made some amazing friends. The DC tech community and the WordPress community have become sources of infinite good times. Whenever I need a good tehehe, I know who I can turn to. My AMUN family has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that family is both by blood and by choice. I often miss my NMU friends, Chicago friends, and Portland friends, but I’m incredibly happy when I do get to see them. For Twenty Eight, I’d like to do that more.

I can only hope that Twenty Eight continues the upward trend.  Twenty Seven was better than Twenty Six and Twenty Six was better than Twenty Five. It’s not easy to have three straight years of continues growth, but I have set the following metrics for measuring if I am successful:

  • Ship More Code (so I can drink more scotch). Success is shipping 26 times.
  • Visit a foreign country (since it’s been five years since I left the country). Success is one country besides the U.S.
  • Read ten books (since I don’t read enough books). Success is pretty damn obvious.
  • Finish watching Battlestar Galactica (since season one was actually pretty good). Success is finding out if any of my friends are actually cylons.

In addition to those public goals, I also hope to complete WC, UMS, and SLE. Success for each of those is easy to measure.

Twenty Eight is my late twenties. I’m getting older. I can only hope that like a good whisky, I improve with age.

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