• In Progress

    Currently working on three separate projects/ideas. It’s a bit distrating having so much art in progress and easy to not make progress on any of them. Abstract/Narrative – I have some ideas for improving the handwriting. One is using a plotter, which I’ve thought about getting multiple times in the past but finally pulled the […]

  • Abstract/Narrative

    My working title for a series of ink-based pieces I’ve been doing is “Abstract/Narrative”. I’m starting to like where I’m going with these, but I’m still not in love with my execution. I wish my handwriting was better. I might have to try other ways of getting the text on there.

  • Sketchbook Entries

    Archiving here come of the items from my sketchbooks. I’ve been using non-white paper more as I also have the opportunity to use white/chalk in the drawings more. Hoping to post these here more frequently as I work on them, but these are from a variety of times over the last year.

  • Studies in Flowers

    I’ve had this idea for sunflowers since I’m unoriginal and loved the contrast of Monet and Van Gogh sunflowers that the Met had last year in it’s Garden show. Starting to play with them, in part by adding ink as a giant contrast. Need to continue playing with this idea, but I like where it’s […]

  • Ink Contrasts

    I’ve been playing with ink, especially the contrasts created with water and solid. I’m not sure where exactly I’m going with this. I have this idea in my head of a abstract + implicit. A Jenny Holtzer meets Helen Frankenthaler. Not there yet. Colors are more recent ones.

  • Quick Whitney trip on a Saturday

    Started on a Basquiat playlist, moved to Moran after the exhibit. Art and themes Jason Moran is incredible. paying attention to who bought the Art. I want to buy more in 2020 and beyond, in part so some day I can donate it to a museum. I’m still seeing tension and contrasting as themes. But […]

  • an hour at MoMA on a Saturday

    Stopped in for a quick walkabout as I wanted to get a picture of the bathroom. Walked through Sur moderno, the 80s-now, Energy, and projects 110. Art and Themes really liked Michael Armatige. Enjoyed the way he presented historical styles, like Pablo Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles D’Avignon in his world. first time going into these new […]

  • Vija Cummings / Met Breur on a Friday.

    Unexpectedly did the tour. Interesting to see the artist come back to the same ideas over and over again over many years. Also interesting to see the two phases of her career. Art and Themes realism, similar to close in photo realism. she seems like a perfectionist who is ok not being perfect. also spent […]

  • Iraqi War – MoMA PS1

    Nearly 3 decades of conflict and pain and destruction shown through work by directly and indirectly affected people. Art and Themes: War Books – Iraqi artists who had been forced to minimize how they make art, all working in books of often mixed materials, but a lot of India ink (which I’ve just started working […]

  • Leci Is Not a blowjob

    And I challenge you to tell me different. Art Institute of Chicago / Google Translate / Pen, Charcoal, Pencil, Chalk and a shitty Starbucks coffee (but it’s across the street, so it worked)