• St Louis Art

    Writing this up a later as I realize that November had very little art in my life. Post dating so it fits in with my own chronology. German art. So. Much. Germany. I really was impressed with “The Shape of Abstraction”. I bought the book. Every Renoir I see makes me think of one person. […]

  • MFA – Boston

    Wandered through the halls of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston today. Two things stood out: This place is small compared to the Met (aka, it’s a normal museum). There are lots of really interesting pieces. I started by looking at some african art, specificly carving and sculpture from Benin. While I recognize the […]

  • Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum

    Had some free time on my last day in Columbus, so I stopped by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum and it was fantastic. It’s very inspiring to see Art that isn’t afraid to be outspoken, loud, and tell a story. The exhibit on First Amendment cartoons was especially timely having just spent the last week […]

  • Sky’s in the Met

    I walked around a section of the Met I rarely visit, the pre-1800 European art which has way too much Jesus for my taste. I figure it’s good to look at the style I reject and the people who influence me rejected as well. So much of it feels derivative and without a passion I […]

  • Self portrait from Sunset on the roof of the met

    I’ve been playing with Procreate lately and took a photo of myself and turned it into this drawing. I’m enjoying digital art because it’s easier to make changes and easier to do on the go, but physical art is still more relaxing. I’m wondering what it would be like to print some of these and […]

  • Nancy Spero – Paper Mirror

    Having seen the Leon Golub exhibit at the Met Brauer just a little over a year ago, it’s easy to see how both he and Nancy came from the same place. Studying together as part of “The Monster Roster” at School of the Art Institute of Chicago they both have used abstract human forms early […]

  • Restoring Fin de Siècle II by Nam June Paik

    As a part of member night at the Whitney, listened to the efforts that Richard Bloes and Reinhard Bek took in order to recreate this monstrous work. From the sourcing of TVs to the building of new platforms and a new video controller, a lot of effort went in to making it possible for this […]

  • Digital Art

    I’ve been trying digital art recently as I upgraded my iPad and got a pencil. There are parts of it that are really nice, but I don’t think it can completely substitate for making something physical. I think where it will come in handy is when I travel. I’ve never been able to perfect my […]

  • The Met with kids

    Went to the Met today with some close friends and their kids (5 and 7) it was the first time the kids got a chance to see the Met. Explored the Egyptian wing and Arms/Armor with them. Super fun to see what excited them: Mummies, and weapons were huge hits. One of my favorite parts […]

  • Elephants

    I’ve continued exploring elephants as a motif. It’s fun to see all the different ways I can play with the same idea. My elephant isn’t a complicated shape, but it feels powerful.