• Geometric

    When I made my recent cutting based work, I covered it with tape before cutting. This gave me the idea of using tape to make a pattern and forcing myself to paint within the lines without forcing me to paint cleanly

  • Jasper Johns Recent Paintings and works on paper

    My favorite thing about Johns is how he revisits things. He brings back shapes, patterns, words, and themes continually over the course of his works. I love this quote of his about working towards an idea: My favorite part of this exhibit was the evolution of the skeleton and all the ways he explored it.

  • Cutting canvas away

    Whenever I am cutting part of a piece of art away, I think about what I could do with the leftovers. I don’t think of it as waste, I think of it as a compant of a piece of art waiting to find a home.

  • Brushes

    When painting Acrylics, I’m not really using a brush these days, at least not in the traditional sense. I don’t think I ever will have the ability to use one as well as masters of the craft so for now, I’m sticking with a knife.

  • Julio Le Parc 1959

    Le Parc’s paintings remind me of frames of an animation. You can almost see them moving. Some actually move of course, but even the static work shows motion. The roles of the work and of the spectator are modified. Emphasizing active participation in the work is perhaps more important than passive contemplation, and it can […]

  • Lucio Fontana – On The Threshold

    I knew I couldn’t have been the first artist to take a knife to his canvas, but seeing Fontana’s work makes me recognize that I should do more of it.