• Layers of Memories

    Layers of Memories

    Cemeteries are the final place where generations will often overlap. The place where time overlaps grow the longer we look at them. Like museums where at first 10 years tell 100 stories, but given the timeline, 100 years tell 3 or 4. This started as a photo, but human decisions about which and where algorithms…

  • Infrared Upper East Side

    Infrared Upper East Side

    Spent part of my Sunday walking through central park with both my infrared and standard light cameras. The upper east side around the Guggenheim captured my eye. Here are a couple of different angles. All photos shot with a 590nm converted Nikon d5000.

  • The Bowery

    The Bowery

    started as an infrared photo, didn’t stay there. multiple passes with multiple tools. Fall 2022

  • Let’s Go Other Sox

    Let’s Go Other Sox

    This year the White Sox performed exactly as I thought they would. They won a bunch of games and coasted to a division tittle but showed they still had a lot of room for growth. The playoff were a different story, and one that was disappointing to watch. They couldn’t hit, they couldn’t pitch, and…

  • Bathrooms of NYC Art Museums

    Bathrooms of NYC Art Museums

    Limited edition of 20 zines, signed. unlimted unsigned editions. 8 pages, 6 art museums, even more bathrooms. A look at both facts and opinions on the places we excuse our bodies when we go somewhere to excuse our minds. i intended to distribute them by leaving copies in the bathrooms featured. That was the before…

  • Concert Lights

    Concert Lights

    The siluate of the crowd on a Friday night at The Beacon. january 2020 ink and ink wash on paper

  • Untitled (bow tie  crosshatch)

    Untitled (bow tie crosshatch)

    ink on mi-teintes paper january 2020

  • Between The Clock and The Bed

    Between The Clock and The Bed

    I had a hard time sleeping last night, so at 3 a.m. I started revisiting my take on In Between The Clock and The Bed, something I hadn’t given both too little and too much thought to in the last year. I started completely from scratch using a medium that I’m only beginning to understand.…

  • Chicago/New York

    Chicago/New York

    “So many people who call New York home also have a home elsewhere, you can have many homes at once” – Kate Fowle’s quote struck me, since a part of my heart will always call other places home even as NYC is the one I love and the one I want to be in. I can…

  • Geometric


    acrylic on canvas panel October 2019