Screenshot of WordPress Trac - Build/Test: Prevent using unsupported NPM versions. Using NPM 7+ currently causes a number of issues. In order to improve developer experience, we should prevent a developer from going down the road of using incompatible engines. See also: and Props rcorrales.

WordCamp US First Contribution

A highlight of WordCamp US 2022 for me was helping Ramon Corrales make his first contribution to WordPress Core. It started with me having some errors doing an NPM install, calling out a bug in Slack as a good first bug, and Ramon stepping up to help:

Slack conversation - :wordpress: WordPress Trac APP  11:57 AM New bug opened by jorbin: #56547: Prevent using npm 7 until gutenberg supports it   jorbin :corn:  11:57 AM ^^ Good First bug for someone at WCUS   marybaum   11:57 AM Excellent!   jorbin :corn:  11:57 AM I would like to commit that for a first time contributor   6 replies

We had a couple of quick in-person conversations on approach, Ramon uploaded a patch, and a short while later another person became a contributor to 43% of the internet. Thanks for helping make things better Ramon!



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